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"Birth in Reverse" is a song written and performed by St. Vincent, issued as the lead single from her fourth album, St. Vincent. A video featuring the audio was released on December 9, 2013 (), one day prior to the single’s official release. A music video was released on December 16, 2014..

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Birth In Reverse Tab Pre-warning: I have missed about 5-10% of the song, i’ve tried to figure it out but maybe with this base you might be able to guess the chords yourself.

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Birth in Reverse Lyrics & Tabs by St. Vincent – LyricsOchordS – Like a birth in reverse in America Like a birth in reverse What I saw through the blinds You could say that I’m sane In phenomenal lies I’m the cause Make a turn Near the party line Like a birth in reverse in America

Birth In Reverse Tab – St. Vincent – Guitar Chords – Birth In Reverse Tab Pre-warning: I have missed about 5-10% of the song, i’ve tried to figure it out but maybe with this base you might be able to guess the chords yourself.

Birth In Reverse Tabs – St Vincent, version (1). Play Birth In Reverse Tabs using simple video lessons

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